Breakthrough Your Blocks & Get Paid For Your Gifts!

Learn How to Breakthrough the 4 Blocks 
That Are Keeping You Stuck!
What You Will Learn In This Video:
  • Why setting realistic goals keeps you stuck
  • How "authenticity" can block new results
  •  How to claim your power back
  • Why Law of Attraction isn't working for you
  •  How to use neuroscience to master your brain & body 
  •  How to stop being enslaved by your feelings  and start taking action
  •  How to value yourself and your work
Christy Lee Beckley
Sensational Self-Care Nurturer, Visionary Coach, Spiritual Business Mentor & Reiki Master Teacher. She is a compassionate truth-teller, paradigm-shifter and inspiring facilitator of transformation. Her mission is to empower men & women to follow their heart, believe in their dreams, break-through paradigms, and burn down status quo in order to create a new life and a new world.

"I keep Christy Lee Beckley on speed-dial for whenever I need to re-connect with my higher self and align with the vibration of my greatness. She is a dynamic mentor that helps me breakthrough blocks in my personal life and my business.

Micki O'Brien, Teacher, Speaker, Author
TEDx Bellevue Speaker & Co-Founder of Aligned Education
"Christy Lee Beckley is amazing! She was able to guide me from a place of scattered overwhelm to launching my first healing program! Her attentive listening and intuitive guidance helped me focus and release energetic blocks and limiting beliefs around my abilities. Christy’s coaching always provided wise insights and ideas to get my creativity flowing. The foundation she provided is something I’ll be able to build on well into the future. Her Reiki Training & Business Coaching Program were both great investments!"

Susie Hindle-Kher, Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master
Radiant River Wellness
"Christy Lee Beckley made a huge impact on my business. While working with Christy to upgrade my marketing and increase my income, one of the first things she coached me on was placing a higher value on my services and charging more.  I raised my fees by 66% and sold my first package at the higher rate within a month! Christy completely pushed me out of my comfort zone when it came to technology and in doing so I learned more than I thought possible. Her input and encouragement has been of great value to me."

Helene Verdile, Transformational & Spiritual Life Coach
Co-Founder, The Center for Clarity, Compassion and Contentment
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